Saturday, January 4, 2014

Week 4 of X of Hotel Living... Plus House Updates

What can I say.  I've now suffered through hotel living through Christmas and New Years.  I've gotten used to the hotel and have my daily routine down these days.

The internet here is still awful.  Sometimes firing up even the home page of Google takes 5 - 10 seconds.  I've given up streaming any sort of videos online -- even YouTube.  I've been watching my TV programs at work on lunch or I go into work on the weekends and watch online programming there.

The commute to work is a bit shorter than the apartment, but just getting through the first mile is about 75% of my commute.  The city of Midvale has done an awful job of setting the lights on the main drag.  No wonder I avoid Fort Union at all costs.  Once I get off of Fort Union it is smooth sailing, but whoever is the traffic engineer for the city needs a major noogie.

I still really enjoy my breakfasts here.  I haven't gotten sick of waffles.  I have given up (mostly) on the scrambled eggs.  They are "tough" and fairly bland.  Everything else is pretty good though and I seem to be the only one of us taking advantage of the free morning buffet. (Have you seen me ever turn down free food? I think not!)

Coming home from work is a bit of a drag and I try to milk as many miles as I can on the roads.  For the offseason I am racking up some high mileage -- hopefully it translates to better times this spring.

When I get home, I usually watch ESPN or TBS while Shari is hooked to the home improvement channels.  There is just one TV for the two of us (we can't watch the one in the common living area as that is Austin's), so it is frustrating.  I think through osmosis I've seen every "Say Yes to the Dress Episode" now.

Home News

I did run the light fixtures and ceiling fans over to the house.  They have the tiling done and I want to say it looks fantastic.  The cabinets are also in and they have fully painted the walls.  I think they are in the final stretches of completing the work.  There is still a LOT of work that needs to be done to the outside and there is plenty of work remaining on the inside.  I doubt they are going to hit their January 15th date and my guess is that it will be in late January before we sign papers (assuming they can get the driveway in or a variance).

I did take some pictures of the progress and am sharing them here:

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