Monday, January 13, 2014

House getting closer to being done + More Hotel living...

Yet another week has gone by.  Hotel living pretty much sucks.  Yeah I am still eating waffles every day and so far, believe it or not, I haven't gotten sick of it.  I think every day that I have had the opportunity to have waffles, a muffin and a yogurt I have had one.  So at least I am getting my money's worth on the buffet breakfast they have here.  My scale is in storage, however, so hopefully I am not gaining too much weight.

Everyone's nerves are getting short due to the cramped setting.  On the plus side, I have started reading books again (thanks to a Barnes and Nobles being next door).  I polished off Bret Easton Ellis's "Less than Zero".  Set in Los Angeles in the early 80's -- I knew I'd be able to relate to it.  A bit grim but a solid read.

The house is making progress and we are hoping to be in it by the end of the month.  There are some penalties we have to pay with the mortgage that is pending if that doesn't happen.  I know the builder is working hard on it and some significant progress has been made (Finally!)

The question is, are they going to be able to finish enough of the exterior to appease the city.  My understanding is that you can't take ownership of a house if the driveway isn't done.  So that is one of the biggest challenges we face...  The driveway people are backed up and with the colder temperatures, they are struggling to get the crew out.

I did manage to take some photos.  So far the kitchen has gotten good reviews. I didn't want to splurge for the black stain on the cabinets (don't ask about the cost) but it really makes the kitchen pop.

Kitchen - I picked the tiling + back splash scheme

Stairs going up


Stairs going down to basement - unfinished

Master bath sink area

Master bath shower

Master bedroom

Powder room

Loft area

View from stairs overlooking the fireplace

Other loft area

Guest bedroom

Flooring in loft area

Looking down the stairs

Kitchen sink + counters

Back splash - green-ish / gray-ish glass

Back splash

Carpeting color for guest bedroom

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