Saturday, January 18, 2014

Downtown Salt Lake City - East Side

Low and behold, I had another opportunity to go downtown this weekend.  I've been downtown half a dozen times since I've moved here but this past week I've gone down there 3 times.  I am starting to set a trend!

In the past, I have always done Temple Square and City Creek Center.  With the in-laws in town, they wanted to visit Temple Square.  So this morning we drove down there and I dropped them off at temple square and I went in search of parking and needing a bit of solitude, I wound up driving near Cathedral of the Madeleine Catholic Church.  This is a mighty looking building that rivals those of Europe.  Also next to it is a beautiful Presbyterian church.  These churches are set in a really nice neighborhood.  While there seemed to be some homeless hanging around the neighborhood, it definitely had an upscale feel to it (even though it appeared to be mostly apartments).

I wandered around snapping pictures of the churches and the neighborhood and made my way back to Temple Square.  I wanted to check out the state capital, but by the time I got the inkling, the in-laws were done touring Temple Square.

All in all, the east side tour took about an hour.

Enjoy the photos:

Mormon Temple about 4 blocks to the west

Cathedral of the Madeleine

Cathedral of the Madeleine

Presbyterian Church

Mormon Pioneer Memorial Statue / Park (closed)

Getting closer to Temple Square

State Capital building to the north

Cool Fountain on the east side of Temple Square

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