Thursday, October 13, 2016

Spooner Lake - Lake Tahoe Nevada


Another quick stop on our way to Carson City was Spooner Lake State Park. This is only a few miles from the Route 28 / Highway 50 junction and was a short drive to the park entrance.  The entry fee for a car was $10.

At first Shari and I weren't going to do the park on account that Shari was done hiking and we thought initially you could simply drive or drive around the lake. 

Not quite.

There is ample parking here under a grove of pines.  From there, it is a short hike (about 5 minutes) to the shores of the lake.  Since I was pressed for time, I literally ran on sore marathon legs down to the shoreline.  

There is a 2.1 mile trail that runs around the lake that I was itching to run (but I was in no condition to run, on account I had regular shorts on, a pocket full of change, 2 phone cameras and a GoPro -- not to mention marathon weary legs).  

I did however get the opportunity to photograph the mountain lake from a variety of angles.

One can definitely do a lot of hiking here as there are other trails that lead off to other destinations. You can easily spend an afternoon here but alas, I was limited on time (and energy).

Well worth the stop and I am happy to share the photos I took:

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