Saturday, February 27, 2016

This week in running 2/21 - 2/27

DayMileage / WorkoutComments
Sunday5Easy run through downtown Elko
Monday83 Miles at 10K / tempo pace plus 1 Mile of strides
Tuesday9Solid effort throughout at half marathon pace.
Wednesday7Nothing but easy
Thursday10.58:33 - 9:15 min per mile for 9 miles
Saturday20Long run. Pretty solid effort
Total miles for the week: 64.5 - YTD: 422

Week's Summary

You can see the capitol building in the distance 

Well, another solid week of training -- with no races!

With no races, I was able to focus on getting in a few tougher workouts as well as getting in a higher mileage quota for the week.  Usually I try to over do it in mileage when building up for a marathon and I like to hit 70+.  I think 64 will have to be close enough.

I've also done a bunch of 16 - 18 in recent weeks but this week I opted to go for 20.  For some reason, I am not afraid to do 16 miles, but crossing over into the 20 mile area always take a bit more bravery and energy.

My Saturday 20 mile run went very well.  Although my GPS seems to lose the signal about half way through and it screws up my pace.  I felt like I was running the same pace throughout and suddenly I see it reporting back 12 minute miles.  I know what a 12 minute mile feels like -- and I wasn't running one of those.  Looking at the map it generated, it seems to have gotten really lost and it's always in "never land".  There isn't a lot of trees out there but I suspect there are some electrical transformers in the area and I wonder if they mess with it.

I also did an impromptu tempo run mid week.  I felt pretty good and felt like I'd go medium paced, but a faster runner was ahead of me about 100 - 200 yards.  I've seen this guy before and I know he runs a 3:30 marathon.  So his "easy" pace is a bit more work for me.  So I tried to hang out with him as much as possible.  While he didn't know I was racing him, I slowly made ground and eventually passed him.  We recognize each other on the bike trail all the time so I thanked him for pushing the pace and giving me a solid workout.

Upcoming Races

03/05: March Madness Half Marathon (Confirmed)
03/12: Winter Striders 10 Mile (Confirmed)
03/19: Sand Hollow Marathon - Hurricane Utah (Confirmed)
04/02: Winter Striders Half Marathon (Confirmed)
04/10: Summerlin Half Marathon (Confirmed)
04/23: Winter Striders 30K (Confirmed)
05/??: Some sort of Colorado Marathon (Either the Colorado Marathon or Colfax)  Other potentials might be Reno Marathon.
06/??: Looking at the Lamoille Canyon Marathon.
11/13: Las Vegas Marathon (Confirmed)

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