Thursday, April 10, 2014

Running Updates - Plans Dashed

Last Friday (4/4) I went for a run. It was going to be an easy 4 miler and other than some mild heart burn I was feeling pretty good.  I had flirted around with doing a half marathon on Saturday but I had enough races planned that I really didn't need to do it (other than it was up in Huntsville and a wonderful location).

I was enjoying the run and was a mile or so into it and I spotted some deer right off the trail on the other side of a fence.  I stopped to admire them as they are usually fairly skittish and snapped a picture.  They took off after they realized me and I continued on my merry way.

About 50 yards later my calf suddenly felt tight.  Usually things like that loosen up and I slowed down a bit.  Another 50 yards later and my calf seized up into a massive ball of hurt.  I tried to continue running but I knew this was something serious.  I tried to stretch it out and massage in hopes it would go away, but no luck.

I hobbled / walked home... my spring season now in jeopardy.

As soon as I got home, I iced down, took some anti-inflamatories and did my best to deal with the growing dread.  It has been a while since I've been seriously injured and this was looking like one.

I took it easy on Saturday and Sunday and each day the injury seemed to be getting better.  Monday I felt it a little but nothing serious.  I decided to test it out on Tuesday, having not felt anything too concerning.

I started out and I felt a twinge when I started running.  By the time I got onto the bike trail I knew it wasn't 100% and it had altered my stride, but I felt I could work through it.  Half mile later it exploded again.  It almost brought me to tears: not the pain, but all the time and money I have invested into making this spring racing season a success.

There is still a chance it'll come around in time for the races, but seeing everything I've read, this is a 4 - 6 week process and I am only on week 1.

I started poking around some more and I figure I have whatever this guy has:

Sadly I have two pre-paid races in the next two weeks: the Summerlin half and the SLC full marathon.  It isn't looking good that I'll be able to do either.  And for those that know, generally there are no refunds for races.

I thought about canceling my Vegas trip, but I really need a vacation and we did get a good deal on the hotel.

Hopefully though this will resolve itself sooner.
Rainbows Over the Valley

Deer Spotted on my run

Rainbows Over the Valley

Watching Charlie's Angels with my bag of ice.


  1. Bummer. Any idea the cause? Do you think you stopped suddenly when you saw the deer or something? Overuse injury?
    Get better.

    1. My guess is overuse. I felt fine up until the moment it happened. Spent the entire drive down to Vegas self massaging it and I may have broken up some of the scar tissue, but there's no way I have any confidence in it at this point.

    2. I went to pick up my shirt today and lo and behold, I never registered for the race. They had no record of me and I logged into the race site and no record there. So I am not out anything, thank goodness. I'll double check my credit cars statements but I think back in November I booked the hotel and figured I'd register for the race later. Turns out I assumed I had registered when in fact I hadn't. Deep aigh of relief. My calf is definitely feeling better.