Saturday, April 19, 2014

Running Update Plus First Wasatch Hike of 2014

Well this morning would've been my 12th marathon.  About 3 weeks ago I had signed up for the Salt Lake City Marathon and about 2 - 3 days later I had what I think is a calf strain.  All in all, it was probably a result of the calf pain I was experiencing in March.  Although it is hard to say.  When I registered for the race (at a cost of $120) I was 100% fine -- just fatigued from normal marathon mileage buildup.

Either way, only a few days before the marathon I managed to eek in a few miles.  I added some support to my calf by investing in a roll of KT Tape.  Whether or not this stuff works, I am not sure.  Maybe it is mental but all the pros are using it, particularly in tennis.  I did find a video and followed the instructions on how to apply it to my calf.  Suffice to say that on Friday, when I ran with it, I was able to do 7 miles (at a very slow pace) without too much post discomfort.  I then followed that up with a 9 mile run on Saturday.  (I know, I know -- too much too soon!)

I've lost ALL my speed and endurance.  Granted, I hadn't run in about 2 weeks, but I just felt tired and drained and getting through 9 miles seemed to be a chore (the 7 miler wasn't bad at all).  I suppose I am going to have to build up again but I feel like something is missing.  I shouldn't be too worried, as I am purposely keeping the pace pretty sedate and the calf sprain does make it challenging to really push off.

Either way, I am depressed that I shelled out $120 (that I can't get back) and lost out on nearly 3 months of hard-core training.  I did have a friend pick up my shirt at the expo, so at least I get something for it.

I am not sure what this means for future races.  Depending upon how soon I feel "100%" will determine if there is a late spring marathon in my future.  Right now, I am feeling about 50%, so I may just stay the course and do some halfs or try to ramp up again and try to make the Casper marathon.

Sort of cool on the run though is that I spotted a flock of Pelicans in the Jordan River.  I figured they might be escapees from the Tracy Aviary, but I guess they are making their way north.  Absolutely beautiful birds:

After cleaning up, I decided to go for a hike.  I had heard the trails were somewhat clear of snow, so I ventured out to the Red Pine in the Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Getting there wasn't a problem and there were several cars in the parking lot.  The first mile or so, the trail wasn't bad, although occasionally I did go up to my knees in the snow.  It was just slow going and my normal 20 minute per mile pace was about 30+ minutes.  I also felt extremely winded and had to stop several times.  I think I have to get re-acclimated to being at 7000+ feet again.  While I appreciated having hiking boots on (they kept my feet nice and dry) they are like wearing mini-anchors.

I went up about a mile, came to the fork in the trail for the Red Pine and White Pine.  White Pine looked more used and I went about another .25 mile down the trail before it just starting getting treacherous.  I knew my chances of getting to the lakes were pretty slim even before I left the house, and my calf was getting more and more agitated the further I climbed.  I was happy with the progress I made and met a few people on the trail, so I decided to call it a day (of note, I did meet the 16th overall male in the 2013 California International Marathon on the trail, which was exceptionally cool and I got to bask in his awesomeness -- you don't get to meet a 2:22 marathoner every day).

Enjoy the photos:

About where I called it quits - Yes this is the angle at which I was walking.

Normally a bridge here with a river on it.

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