Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Monday 4/14 Day 5 of Vegas Trip - Mesquite morning run

After a fairly restful night at the Virgin River Casino, I got up a bit early to go for a run.  Mind you, I've been injured for the past 10+ days and for the past 5 of them, I really hadn't heard a peep from my calf.  I figured it was time to go for a little jog and see what the city of Mesquite had to offer.

My calf was super quiet -- in fact, I didn't hear a peep from it.  I headed west on Pioneer Blvd and what was all casinos, motels and gas stations quickly gave way to a peaceful and very idyllic subdivision.  Many of the houses were upscale and sat on beautifully manicured lawns.  They were mostly gated communities.

With the spring in full bloom, I could definitely smell flowers in the air.  In fact, if it wasn't for the mountains in the background I would've thought I was running in the heart of Orange County, California.  For a while, I was contemplating what life might be like if I retired here.

I ran to the next freeway bridge, snapping pictures as I went.  I kept the pace pretty sedate, always ready to stop if my calf started to bark at me.  I ran on sidewalk past golf courses and even a strip mall.

After reaching the next freeway overpass I headed back.  Disaster struck when I was within eyesight of the casino.  The top of my achilles started to go numb and my calf started to hurt.  Not bad -- but enough to make me realize this was not good.  I was smart and walked the rest of the way back, but none the less, my calf wasn't a happy camper.

After cleaning up I headed over to the casino while Shari finished getting ready.  I dumped $40 into Leonidas before realizing today was NOT my lucky day.  If you want to see the worst Leonidas bonus round ever, check out the video I made:

We ate at the buffet for under $15 before taking off.  The trip went a lot faster with just 4 hours to go versus a little over 5 and we made it back to Salt Lake by 3pm.

Just getting rolling -- about 1/4 mile away from the casino

Typical suburban view on Pioneer

Typical suburban view on Pioneer

Stretch of undeveloped land

Falcon Ridge Golf Course

Overlooking I-15

Running on the overpass over I-15

Freshly Made Omelette for Breakfast

Some dessert!

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