Monday, December 30, 2013

Quick West Wendover Trip for 12/29/2013

Let's face it folks, I am going absolutely insane with hotel living.  With only two rooms of living space, a lousy internet connection, and one of the two rooms off limits because god-forbid someone is sleeping or playing computer games, my options for entertainment are limited.

On Sunday, I had enough and decided to head on out to West Wendover for a day trip.  As much as I would've liked to have spent the night, Shari was a no-go.  We would've have had to leave at 7AM for me to get back to work in reasonable order and she didn't want to do that.  So another desert run will have to wait.

Either way, the drive from Salt Lake City to Wendover was stunning -- at least near Salt Lake.  There was a heavy layer of frost on all the trees.  I wish I could've pulled over to the side of the road along the freeway and taken a picture of the bike trail.  It was like a cool winter wonderland.

We made the trip in just over a 100 minutes with smooth sailing throughout.

We pulled into Montego Bay and quickly printed out a free buffet pass, $5 free play and activated our 6X comps, and entered into the $1000 drawing.

I saw that the IGT Centipede Games were largely unplayed and had high jackpots.  The hitch with these games is that old people play them, realize that the bonus rounds are skill-based, panic and leave.  Every time they fail to complete the levels, the bonus goes up a few bucks.  When I arrived, the bonuses were pretty high -- ripe for milking.  I am told that the bartenders and other people monitor these games and play them when the bonus rounds are high so I jumped into the saddle.

I never was a decent centipede player, but I did manage to complete all 3 levels and get the scorpion bonus, netting a nice $70 bonus to start the day.

We pigged out on the buffet and did some more gambling.  We then headed on over to the Peppermill where I discovered they had my Leonidas slot machine.  Like an old lover, I was drawn to it and easily through a $100 throughout the day on in it.  Sometimes I won and profited $20 - $30, sometimes it took my $20 and didn't even give me much action.

Either way, Shari and I did manage to earn another 2 free buffets thanks to our 6X comps.  So all in all, we ate two super nice buffets for about $10 (excluding tip).

I was hesitant to bet on football but I plunked $25 on the over (41.5 points) for the Cardinals / 49ers game.  The first half they scored 24 points, so I figured I'd be a shoe-in for the final 18 points.  However, they both didn't score much but luckily the game went into overtime at 20-20, so so long as their wasn't a tie, I was a winner (and sure enough I was a winner).

Lady luck wasn't with us.  Although I did fairly well, making my money last a lot longer, Shari's luck ran sour pretty much from the get go.

We didn't leave until a little after 7pm, so it was dark all the way home.

No crazy pictures this time but I did snap a few to share...  Despite losing about $100 between the two of us, we had a good time and it was awesome to simply get away for a day from hotel living.

First haul from the Centipede Game

Plate #1 - food porn!

My big haul from completing all 3 levels on Centipede

Skobe Park - West Wendover, NV

Wendover Airport in the distance

The Wendover "Strip" at night.

Me posing in front of Montego Bay's Christmas tree - notice the post-buffet "glow"

View from the buffet
Enjoying dessert


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