Saturday, December 14, 2013

Week One of X of Hotel Living Complete

Well it looks like I have survived my first week of hotel living.  In short, I am going absolutely nuts.  You don't know what you've got until its gone -- or so the saying goes.

I did check the house today and while they have the roof and some of the siding on and it looks like the fireplace is installed but is the house inhabitable: not in the least.  I am still betting on about 4 weeks - minimum -- before I can escape here.

Either way, my daily routine sort of looks like this:

Roll out of bed at 5:45 and shower.
Eat my free breakfast at the hotel.
6:30 Head off to work.
4:15ish leave work and get my miles in.
5:30 - come home and find a place to eat dinner (no oven to cook and only a makeshift stove)
6:00 - 9:00 ... wonder what the hell to do in a 2-room hotel with 2 other people in it.

There are some pros to hotel living:

Free breakfast:  Typically I'll inhale a waffle, a yogurt, some fruit, scrambled eggs and a muffin.  I'll probably gain weight as a result.  You put unlimited food in front of me and I'll eat it -- a lot of it.  One of the nice things is I have noticed I snack a lot less at work as a result.  I feel filled until 11AM where as before I'd start hitting the cookies at 9AM.

No utility bills -- Enough said.

Clean towels and linens -- every day fresh stuff.

Close to food and shopping.  I "live" right across the street from Target and have plenty of fast food choices.  While money is a bit tight right now, I am not indulging too much.


My rent has effectively doubled.  Yup, from $1100 / month at the apartment to about $600 / week.  

Have to go to the post office and wait in the Christmas lines for my mail. I felt really "low rent" when I told the guy at the post office that my "home" is a hotel.  Argh...

Cramped -- there is less than a 1000 feet of living space here and the living room is primarily filled with a pull-out bed. Austin is camped out there and sometimes he is studying.

Schedules:  I am an early bird.  I get up at the crack of dawn to go to work or get my miles in.  I've always been that way.  Austin is a night owl.  I am also the noisiest person in the morning so I know I wake everyone else.

Internet: Remember Dial-up?  That's about what the wireless is like here.  I've gone to some speed tests sites and I've never seen it faster than .5Mbps and I've seen it as low as .10.  I tethered my phone to my PC and used that but there is so much cement here that that usually is just as worthless.  Watching a streaming video is an endeavor in Herculean patience.

Bored: You don't really have a place to "hole up" and "hang out" here.  There's always someone else in the room and with the computer worthless you are relegated to watching TV.  I am not a huge TV person so it is frustrating.  I've been tempted to go to work just for the entertainment (luckily it is just down the road).

Overall the hotel is nice and clean.  I have no major gripes about it... it is just tough living in it and from the looks of it I'll be here until January sometime.  Running, right now is my only solace.  Sadly you can only do that for a while before your body begins to break down.

The Breakfast Area

Master Bedroom

The "living room"

The Kitchen

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