Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Breakfast - Best part of waking up....

One of the advantages to hotel living - at least here at any rate - is breakfast.  They have a pretty good breakfast buffet (of sorts) here.  I am usually one of the first customers when they open at 6AM.  My usual course is to grab a waffle, a muffin and a cup of decaf and imbibe that.  Then I usually go for a helping of scrambled eggs and / or a piece of fruit.

That amount of food is usually enough to cover me until nearly lunch time. In fact, I've hardly put a dent in my snack drawer at work the past few weeks.

I am surprised I am able to tolerate the waffles, however.  As some of you know, I am allergic to barley / malt, particularly in liquid form (so beer is a major no-no for me).  They use the Golden Malted brand of waffles.  Usually I can last a day or two with barley, at most three before having problems (ingredients).  So far, I've been eating the waffles every day with minimal side effects which is good, because I do like waffles (and pancakes)

They usually have the Weather Channel playing on the TVs and most of the early customers seem to work for the railroad.  Apparently they have a training or a school out here and they get sent in from all over the country.  They are interesting to listen to and find out where they are from.  Sadly they are here one week and gone the next.  Last week I met someone from Wisconsin and this morning one from Los Angeles.

Either way, this is one of my highlights of the day and so I figured I'd take some foodie pictures and share them.

Start the day with a waffle and muffin

Right hand view of the kitchen

Left View of the Kitchen

Wrapping up with some scrambled eggs

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