Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tracy Aviary - Liberty Park

While browsing some of last year's photos I came across my visit to the Tracy Aviary.  This is a bird "zoo" of sorts in the middle of a beautiful park called Liberty Park, located just south of the city and maybe a 15 minute drive from my apartment.

I was jonesing for something to do that day and decided to go there on a whim.  For less than $10 I got to experience seeing a lot of birds -- everything from bats to owls to exotic tropical like birds.  It was chilly that day so there wasn't a lot of people, but with the cooler weather the birds tend to be more active.

The aviary is located inside a mammoth and sprawling park called Liberty Park.  The park is bounded by a cinder track where there were plenty of runners taking advantage of the cool fall weather.  Also there is a small amusement park there, tons of open space, a lake, and plenty of trees. You can learn more about it here: Liberty Park

I was pleasantly surprised with how nice it was and if I lived closer I would definitely take advantage of doing some running there.

However, there were plenty of people flying model airplanes, kites and just in general playing around.

The aviary was my mine destination though and it was a wonderful experience.

I decided to attach the photos and do a write-up.  If you do visit Utah and like zoos / birds, this could be a nice place for a quick visit.

Eagle at the Tracy Aviary

Peacock at the Tracy Aviary

Pink Flamingos at the Tracy Aviary

An Owl at the Tracy Aviary

A Lake at Liberty Park

A Lake at Liberty Park

Tressels at Liberty Park

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