Sunday, November 10, 2013

Quick Lake Desolation Hike

I was looking to get a hike in on Saturday and one of the few remaining trails that I have yet to do is the Clayton Peak trail.  This trail starts at the Brighton ski resorts and meanders off into the mountains.

I grabbed a friend and drove to the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon only to find the ski season in full swing.  So much for following a trail to Clayton Peak.

We decided to head down the trail and my friend hadn't done the Lake Desolation trail.  Faithful readers will recall that I've done this hike a few times and I figured with it being south facing trail that it would be relatively dry and easy to do.

I quickly discovered how wrong I was.  I'd rather have dealt with the snow / ice than what I got, which was a mud fest.  Luckily I brought a walking stick with me, otherwise I guarantee I would've looked like a muddy pig when I was done.

Our pace was really slow because of the shoe sucking mud and after about 2 miles my companion decided they had seen enough.

I did manage to get a photos of the mud and the winter wonderland.

Brighton Ski Resort
Brighton Ski Resort

Muddy fun on the Lake Desolation Trail

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