Sunday, November 10, 2013

Storm Mountain

On the way up Big Cottonwood Canyon one of the first sights one will see is Battle Mountain.  A massive mountain of slate and crushed sand.  It is within the first few miles and normally when I see it I get the impression I am entering a prehistoric era.  It just has an "ancient" feeling to it -- like you'll soon see a Stegosaurus round the corner.

Being that I didn't want to hike all that far, I decided to make a quit stop at Battle Mountain and take a few photos.  Usually this place is loaded with tourists and newbies to the Wastach Mountains, but today it was pretty quiet.

There isn't any hiking to do here, just climb a mound of slate, look around and snap a few pictures -- and that is pretty much what I did...

Storm Mountain Utah

Storm Mountain Tourist Sign

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