Wednesday, November 20, 2013

On the Road to the Marathon - Mesquite Nevada

Being the buffet hound that I am, I knew all about the Virgin River Casino buffet and the fantastic deal they have for breakfast.  Basically you roll in, shell out 6.95 and bam, you got a nice little buffet.  I think the last time I paid $6.95 for a buffet was back in the 90's when I used to hit Vegas.

You might think that they skimp on the quality: no.  Definitely not.  Virgin River clearly hasn't forgotten the lure of a cheap buffet in getting people into their casinos -- and little Mesquite's best buffet was packed as a result.

Shari and I quickly got our fill, including a home made omelet and some nice desserts.  It was really nice not to have to rush and I'll be honest, the food was really good -- especially the omelet.

After eating, we decided to give the chance a food to settle before hitting the road for the final hour (and change) drive to Vegas.  We signed up for the player's club card and each got $5 of free play.

I hit up the Invaders from Planet Moolah.  I've probably sunk several hundred dollars playing this addictive game.  I turned my $5 free play into a little over $30 and cashed out.  I then wandered over to my King Leonidas game.  Faithful readers will remember that I won big in Wendover on this machine.  I put in a fresh $20 bill and the machine looked like it was going to skunk me.  Then all of the sudden I got the special bonus where the jackpot Leonidases show up and bam, another decent win.

We took care of our bathroom issues and took off, glad to make out with a few extra bucks.  Last time I was there I thought the machines were tight, playing out more than $20 and losing it pretty quickly.  I was glad I could get a little bit of revenge.

I am definitely looking forward to checking out Mesquite again.  There are two more casinos there and it definitely has a "Wendover" feel to it.

Virgin River Casino
Virgin River Casino

Virgin River Casino
Virgin River Casino

Shrimp, Black Olive, Spinach Omelete


Planet Moolah Win

King Leonidas Win

Virgin River Casino

Eureka Casino ,Mesquite, Nevada

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