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West Wendover Nevada Trip 10/23/2013

Needing a day off from work and wanting a long weekend, I decided to make a journey out to West Wendover, NV.  I had free play, a free room and a free buffet coming my way and being that it is football season I decided why not head up on Sunday morning, spend the night and come back Monday.

I arrived to Montego Bay on Sunday without any problems.  I had hoped to make it there by 11AM to get in on the early Sunday morning action on NFL football better.However, I was delayed in taking off and arrived at 11:05.  Thank goodness, in a way, because the two football games that I had an interest in I would've lost on.

I swiped my card and activated the 6X comps and gambled a bit.  I was slightly hungry, having run 20 miles on Saturday and I hadn't quite recovered yet.  So I headed on over to the buffet and inhaled a ton of calories.

Afterwards, I headed over to the sports book and plopped $30 on the over for the Tennessee / San Francisco game.

I headed over to the Rainbow casino in hopes of finding a poker game.  Sure enough, there was immediate seating for a $2-$10 spread limit game.  I ponied up $70 and played for about 20 - 30 minutes.  I wasn't getting any connector cards and I was getting blinded away.  However, I hit a hot streak when a new dealer came to the table and got a bonus $20 when they splashed the pot.  The high hand of the day was when I was dealt pocket aces and another one popped up on the flop.  Before I knew it, I had close to $130 sitting before me.

I wound up playing for about 2 more hours and I went completely card dead most of the time.  Every 30 minutes or so I'd hit a $10 - $20 win and I got rooked into some bad hands.  Overall, I played nearly 2.5 hours and wound up -$7.00.

While the San Francisco game did start out pretty slow, the second half turned into a torrent of points.  Suddenly the over on the 40.5 points, which looked like it might not happen, turned into well over 40.5.  So I collected $30 there.

I discovered another machine at Montego Bay, called Leonidas, which I wound stick in a $20 and most of the time get a modest bonus round.  At 40 cents a spin (minimum) I found my money went pretty quick.  However, if I hit the bonus round, I'd collect $30 - $40 and move on...   There was only a few times when I stuck in some money and left empty handed.

With the 6x comps, we happily discovered on Sunday night that we had amassed over $40 worth of comp dollars.  Wow.

We ate cheap that night.  I think we were both buffeted out and I went out and got a $10 pizza at Pizza Hut.  It was mediocre as far as pizzas go, but it was cheap eats.

In the morning, I did my Leppy Hills Trail Run (see the next post) and proceeded to inhale another 2000 calories for breakfast.  With our comp dollars, both of us wound up eating for free and still have enough comps for at least one more buffet. Good food at the Montego Bay Buffet.  I've never had a bad experience there and that's why I continue to eat there.

Afterwards, I placed a $25 bet on the MNF game: The Vikings and Giants, taking the under at 48 points.

As I was leaving, Shari, who had used all her gambling money encouraged me to throw in a $20 in Aruze Gaming Machine.  These slots are horribly bright and almost garish to look at.  We had seen people playing these things for hours and usually winning.  I was pretty happy with my "take" so far, but figured why not.  What ensued was something I have NEVER experienced before: I sat there for 90 minutes, getting bonus round after bonus round.  At one point I had over $140, as I fluctuated my bets from 30 cents to 1.50.  The people around us were starting off with similar amounts and before they knew it, they had several hundred too.  Granted not everyone was a winner, but there were a lot of winner around this bank of machine.

While Shari was semi-anxious to get rolling, I kept winning, $10 here, $60 here, it all added up.  I kept saying, once I get to X I'll quit, but X never came, I kept getting more.  I wound up playing for well over an hour and a half and pocked $100.20 for my efforts.  I would've played there longer, but we had to head back.

The ride home was pleasant and I am looking forward to going back.  However, with Vegas coming up in less than 30 days, it probably won't be until Thanksgiving we head on back.

Fantastic trip for me: both from a gambling and a running standpoint!

Welcome to West Wendover

Plate #1

Yummy Cake

Leonidas bonus round

I put in a buck and wound up getting $20 on it.

My Winning ticket

Night view of the West Wendover

Night view of the West Wendover

A sweet bonus round

Another bonus round

Pizza and Shrimp for Breakfast. Doesn't get any better, especially when it is free.

My final cashout.

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