Sunday, October 6, 2013

Welcome to the Uintas

As most of my followers know, I do a LOT of hiking up in the Wasatch mountains, which is primarily in my backyard.   While in West Wendover last weekend I struck up a conversation with a gentlemen while kicking back in the jacuzzi who recommended I get out to the Uintas and drive Route 150 before they close it for the winter and to see the fall colors.  He said it was one of the most prettiest drives you'll ever take.

So this morning (Sunday, 10/6) I headed east on the interstate and headed towards Park City and then taking a series of smaller freeways I soon found myself in the one-horse town called Kamas.  A short jog through the center of town and I was on highway 150.

To say this is a short climb is a misnomer.  It is about 25 miles until you get to the heart of wilderness and it is all up.  Kamas starts at 6400 feet and when I reached the summit, the signs said I was sitting at 10,740 feet.

The drive up there is stunning.  While not as stunning as the Logan to Bear Lake drive this was beautiful and I didn't mind getting stuck behind slow pokes.  Lots of gold, yellow and red trees line the twisty and turning road.  The higher you get, though, the more pines you see.  We've already had a dusting of snow and up there in spots there was a good inch or two in shady spots.

The temperature in the valley was in the low 60's and by the time I got up there it was probably in the low 50's.  It wasn't bad at all with the sun shining.

I did a pair of trails.  I found the Mirror Lake State Park and proceeded to do some hiking back there.  The sign at the trail head didn't give many clues as to what to find except some numbers of 5 - 9 miles.  I didn't have time and with the muddy, slippery, wet trails my progress was going to be slow.  Ideally I would love to come up there in the summer and get that kind of distance in, but this trip was mostly an exploratory one.

The trails that I did were absolutely perfect for running.  No major inclines (you are already up about as high as you can go).  There are also a TON of lakes up there.  You can practically throw a rock and hit one up there.

I did get pictures of Fehr Lake and Bonnie Lake.  I am looking forward to going up there in the early summer and nailing a bunch more lakes.

Enjoy the photos:

Typical Stretch of trail

Bonny Lake

Reid's Peak

Fehr Lake

Fehr Lake

I believe Bald Mountain

View from the Summit Along Route 150

Don't look down!

Yours truly -- all smiles.

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