Monday, October 21, 2013

Leppy Hills Trail - West Wendover, Nevada

During my recent visit to West Wendover, Nevada I decided to try a new running route.  I had stumbled upon a trail system called the Leppy Hills Trails, which is a 5-mile route on the north side of town.  Those visiting West Wendover can easily access this (even on foot) by going to the Peppermill Casino, going north and taking Lincoln Street under the freeway entrance.  After the freeway, immediately hang a left and then hang a right on the dirt road.  After that just follow the signs -- about a mile walk from the Peppermill.

I was pleasantly surprised with the trail.  At the parking lot there was a (clean) bathroom and a drinking fountain.  The trail itself was perfectly groomed and wide -- so no worries about rattlesnake issues.  I didn't see much evidence of the trail being used and during my run through the trail I didn't see another person.  There were signs of other animals, though, as there were frequent scat droppings.

The trail was extremely well marked and I never lost cell phone connection.

This isn't an easy route to run -- as there were a lot of rolling hills and I suspect there was a good 500 feet of climbing as at the pinnacle I could see the city well below me.  I was busy taking pictures so this wasn't a gut buster of a run for me but I am looking forward to tackling this trail again sometime.

Enjoy the photos!

Sunrise looking south

Looking west

On the dirt road to the trail.

Wendover is on the other side of the freeway. About 8AM

Follow these signs!

Sun coming over the rise, looking east

The groomed trail. Notice the moon

Residential Wendover to the south

Mountains to the north

The sun rises ... the salt flats / Bonneville Speedway lie below.  

Typical stretch of trail

Cresting a hill, going east now

Looking south west over Wendover

Fall desert plant -- looked fluffy but definitely NOT

Wendover Will - from the Discount Liquor store

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