Saturday, September 22, 2018

Danger Cave State Historical Monument - Wendover, UT


One of the nice things about running is that I am able to explore things on foot better than I would've if I had to try and find a spot to dump my car, especially when it comes to desert exploring.

I was in Wendover on a Thursday night and I got there early enough to place the sports bets that I wanted to and dump my stuff in my room before saddling up and heading out for a desert run.  It was already sort of late and I had plenty of hiking to do in the next 48 hours so I didn't want to go out too long.

So I headed up Aria Blvd and proceeded out to the desert.  The question though was where to go.  I've done just about all the trails out there.  I decided ultimately to try and find Danger Cave

Danger Cave's location isn't too hard to find and you can probably get to it by car.  There seemed to be a dirt road that lead to it if you were willing to take Exit 4 off of the I-80.

Me, I was running it.  So I headed down this ATV trail and hung a left at the point of the mountain.  About another third of a mile I spotted it...

I headed down along this ATV Trail
There is a slight hill with a path you have to climb to get to the entrance.  The entrance is closed off.  As the name suggests, the rocky area around it is ready to fall and the cave when it was discovered was called Danger Cave after a boulder rolled off from the top of it.  You can see the historical boulder that rolled off the edge of to the right of the entrance:

The park service does do tours of the cave so check their website periodically.

The visit to the cave was sort of a check mark on my list.  I spent about 5 - 10 minutes snooping around before heading back to Wendover.  It was a rewarding run and kind of cool that I was able to check it out.

Here are some photos of the area:

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