Sunday, September 23, 2018

Lake Winchell Trail - Wells, NV

Lake Winchell


Back in 2016 I hiked the Winchell Lake trail.  This trail is located about 10 miles up the Angel Lake road just outside of Wells, NV.  In short, it is close to 3 hours outside of Salt Lake City.

I was heading towards Elko for a weekend of hiking (from West Wendover) and decided to swing by.  This trail isn't used much and even the sign for it is in need of repair.  That being said though, the trail is well-defined and easy to navigate.  There are some rolling hills but nothing major.

The payoff on this hike is Lake Winchell, a small mountain lake about 3.5 miles from the trailhead.  Apparently it was named after a rancher in the area.  Along the way you will have to cross a stream or two (in September they were hardly more than a trickle) and you'll be treated to some awesome views of Chimney Rock and the Ruby Mountains towering above you and the Wells valley below.  Also at this time of year a shrub was emitting a wonderful scent that was reminiscent of Juicy Fruit Gum -- it just smelled fruity and was super pleasant.  I've only smelled that a few times in Alta canyon in Utah.

You can follow my routes here: Going there and back.

I made the trip each way in a little over an hour.  I only saw one other person on the trail.  In fact, this isn't a very popular trail at all as last time I hiked this, I didn't see another soul.

Enjoy the photos:

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