Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Steed Creek, Triumph and Davis Creek Trail Hike - Farmington, Utah


Last Saturday I was looking for a new trail to do.  A friend of mine had done the Davis Creek Trail located about 30 minutes from my house in Farmington, UT and said it was a good hike.  

So my curiosity was definitely set off in motion as I started to research where the trail head was and how to get there.

First off, the parking lot / trail heads for 3 hikes can be found off of Little Valley Road.  It is less than 10 minutes from the I-15 and easy to find.  There was ample parking here and only about 5 other cars in the lot.  You can also view my progress on my Garmin capture.

From the parking lot, a little to the north is a gate.  A trail heads north from there and picks up almost immediately with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. I had been hoping to find the Davis Creek trail but after a brief conversation with some other hikers, I realized I was on my way to the Steed Creek Trail.  The hikers said it was a fairly short and manageable hike and I figured why not.

I traveled about 1/2 mile north on the shoreline trail until I found Steed Creek.  I poked around on the south side of the trail hoping to find the trail head.  There were a few false starts and I quickly realized that the trail was NOT there.

I crossed the stream, getting wet in the process and was delighted to see the Steed Creek trail, which headed east into the canyon.

Almost immediately the trail grew thing and overgrown.  Luckily someone had taken a weed-whacker and had cleared the trail. Without it, the trail would've been hard to manage.

I was surprised to run into a few people on the trail and was happy that I wasn't alone.  The trail was just so overgrown and heavily shaded.  There was a bit of scrambling and some mini edges I had to work across (the fall would've been pretty minimal) but none the less it wasn't a fast hike.

I was a little bored with the hike.  There wasn't much to look at except overgrown trees.  I did check with a passing family and they did say the payoff was worth it.  Luckily, the hike was only about a mile or so (each way) from the trail head.  

The payoff is a grotto with a tiny trickle of a waterfall.  This waterfall fed the Steed Creek, which you follow throughout your hike.  The hike is reminiscent of Adam's Canyon, but definitely not as trafficked and not as pretty.

I got the impression that the trail continued past the grotto but to be honest I was happy to be done.  Some other hikers said the trail was really overgrown so I decided to turn around.

I had only hiked about an hour and my supplies were still good.  So I opted to find Davis Creek.  From the parking lot I hugged the east side of the road and a very short time later I came across the Triumph Trail head.  There was a sign as well.

The Triumph trail hugs the north side of Davis Creek.  It is also entirely exposed.  Meaning in the 94F degree weather I was roasting.  The trail is also a massive ascent.  

The trail does fork off -- I think it does join periodically with the Bonneville shoreline but for the most part it was fairly obvious to me to keep climbing up.  After about .6 of a mile, I came across a bench with a view of the Davis Creek Falls.  It was really pretty.

I could've taken the trail down to the base of the river and connected up with the Davis Creek Trail (which hugs the south side of the river) but I foolishly opted to continue on the north side.  And again, I roasted.

After about another half mile, I realized that I wasn't feeling well and I had gone through a lot of my water.  Also the trail seemed to continue to go further into the canyon and I didn't see much of a payoff ahead.

I wound up cutting back down to the creek, crossing over on a bridge, and then making my way back to the main road to my car.  I definitely want to do this hike again when it is cooler.

Enjoy the photos:

Steed Creek Pictures

Triumph / Davis Creek Trail


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