Tuesday, April 12, 2016

This week in running 4/3 - 4/9

DayMileage / WorkoutComments
SundayOffNeeded a rest day. Fair amount of walking though.
Monday87 at medium pace -- ended with strides
Tuesday15Pretty solid long run
Thursday7Nice run but tired feeling
FridayOffAbout 5 miles of walking though.
SaturdayOff Travel to the Summerlin Half Marathon
Total miles for the week: 35 - YTD: 697.5

Week's Summary

I was *really* feeling it this week.  I was just really dead most of the week and I think I've gone over to the over-trained state.  I was consistently feeling beat-up, tired, and well you know -- all the symptoms of being overt rained.

So rather than dig myself into a hole, I turned this week into a recovery week -- of sorts.  I took not 1, not 2 but 3 days off, which is something I haven't done in a LONG time.

It seemed to help physically, but mentally I have a hard time not doing anything and it really bothered me. Fellow compulsive runners probably know what I am talking about, but taking a day off is almost as painful as a speed work out.

And worst of all, I know better.  When everything starts to hurt and I am dreading a run, it pays to take a little down time.  In some ways, I've become a slave to putting up the miles.

With a 30K and an expensive full marathon coming up on the horizon, I need to be a little bit more cautious about arriving at the starting line injury free and feeling trained, not beaten into submission.

Upcoming Races

04/23: Winter Striders 30K (Confirmed)
05/01: Fort Collins Marathon - Fort Collins, CO (Confirmed)
06/??: Looking at the Lamoille Canyon Marathon. Perhaps Casper again?
06/24: Utah Midnight Half Marathon - Provo Utah (Confirmed)
11/13: Las Vegas Marathon (Confirmed)

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