Sunday, April 3, 2016

Causey Reservoir - Skullcrack Trail Hike


After running the Winter Striders Half Marathon, I decided I wanted to do check out the Causey Reservoir, which is located just above the start line of the marathon.
It wasn't too hard to find and I figured if the conditions were right I'd also do the Skullcrack Trail.   I am not sure why they call it the Skullcrack Trail as I didn't see anything too terribly dangerous with it.  In fact, as far as Utah trails go, it is pretty flat and easy to negotiate.  There was a section or two that seemed awfully close to the edge and couple this with the fact it was layered with snow, I felt made it a little sketchy.  One false step and you could fall quite away.

Causey Reservoir 

The first stop was the parking lot where I got a glimpse of the green-ish waters of the reservoir.  It looked to be fairly popular with the fishing crowd. It was also very quiet.  I could also see where the half marathon started as well as a lot of the Eden-area valley

The half marathon started a few miles from here

Skullcrack Trail

From my research, I knew there was a trailhead somewhere around the reservoir.  It wasn't too hard to find it (it was near the Causey Estates club).  The trail is fairly flat and with only one super mild climb.  It is easy to follow and basically goes for about 2.3 miles before it takes you down to the bottom of reservoir.  

Unfortunately I couldn't 100% complete the hike on account I ran into a moose.  I think she was just as afraid of me as I was of her but I like to give wildlife a wide berth and I wasn't going to upset her.  

There were a handful of people on the trail but I was pretty much on my own for most of the hike.  There isn't any cell connection back there as well so be sure to bring water and supplies.

The hike took me about an hour to complete (each way).  I would've been able to go a lot faster without the snow and not taking pictures.

The trail is well maintained and I could say even runnable.  There were tons of great views of the Causey Reservoir and plenty of places to take the views in:

See the moose?

See the moose?

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