Sunday, April 19, 2015

Saturday Morning Elko Run


Faithful readers know that one of things that I just love to do when I head out of town is to go for a run in a new area.  While I've done a series of runs already in Elko (here and here), I still like to get out and explore.

While I didn't want to do a rinse and repeat of my other runs, I only had a limited amount of time and I hadn't really explored the north side of the city.  With that in mind, I headed out with my phone's GPS and tried to get "lost"

The Run

I managed to get in roughly 7 miles and I've retraced my route as best as I can remember above.  I was going to do a typical run of visiting the downtown area and brothel row, but I've already been there.   So the first opportunity where I could, I headed north and discovered some really nice neighborhoods.

I also got some elevation so I could photograph the Elko Valley.

I did also find Elko's other main casino called the Gold Dust West, which is located on the west side.  While the interior was nice the outside was pretty dull looking.  I don't think security liked me coming in, circling the place and leaving as they followed me out and were checking me out as I shot a photo from the parking lot.  Ooops.

Either way, I did have a fantastic run on a fantastic morning and got some great shots of the city:

Elko Valley

Elko Valley

Elko's mainstream shopping district

Gold Dust West Casino

If you look closely you'll see security by the building giving me the evil eye

Stockmen's Casino

Brothel Row

Brothel Row

Elko Courthouse

Radio station -- with no DJs

Heading into the home stretch


  1. I totally find it hard to believe that I am reading a posting featuring Elko,NV. CLASSIC!! I have driven the the 50 countless times, stop on the east side of town for gas, and continue on down the loneliest road in america. Really enjoyed your photos. Thanx for sharing and safe travels!!!

    1. Hi Padre

      The loneliest road is on my bucket list of things to do. Perhaps one of these days I'll make the drive from Ely to Carson City.

      And yes, I really love getting off the beaten path in Nevada and exploring. There is so much to see there besides gambling and casinos.