Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Officially Registered and Other Running News

Marathon News

Well, I officially plunked down my money for the Sand Hollow Marathon. I already had the hotel and vacation day planned months ago.  Actually registering for the race was the only non-refundable part that I waited until the last moment to do.

Other than some plantar fasciitis, I seem to be in pretty good shape.  I am a little tired and my runs this week have been shaky.   I suspect coming off multiple weeks of racing are starting to take their toll.

I HATE the taper period.  My stress reliever of logging miles is suddenly gone.  Coming home and knowing I can only run 3 - 4 wimpy miles is a total buzz kill; almost like telling an alcoholic they can only have two beers tonight.

I also find myself over analyzing myself. For instance: Am I getting sick? What is that pinch I feel in my hip? Are my knees going? What if I eat something the night before the race that doesn't agree with me? What if I eat this tonight and it gives me food poisoning?  Gahhhh!  Sometimes I have to wonder if it would be better just to train through these things...

So this week, I ran 7 on Sunday, 5 on Monday and 4 on Tuesday.  I probably won't run more than 3 miles until the race on Saturday.  A couple of days of light walking / rest will probably put some spring back in my legs.

I hate to set any huge goals and predict anything.  Generally going in, I know what I can tolerate pace-wise.  My marathon goals can change at a drop of a hat due to unforeseen circumstances.  For instance, if it is boiling hot (race start looks to be in the low 50's with a high in the 80's), I encounter lots more hills than I expect, or there are 40 mph winds it will certainly alter my plans.  But for me, assuming good conditions, my goals are thus:
  1. sub 4:05 is an "A" race
  2. sub 4:15 is a "B" race
  3. sub 4:30 is a "C" race
Of course just finishing a full marathon is a modicum of success too, but I know I can do better than just finish.

Bike Trail News

Sometime last week, my favorite section of the trail drastically changed.  A friend of mine had called me and told me the bike trail was on fire (kids playing with fireworks rumor has it).  I figured no big deal but I was absolutely stunned to see the damage on Sunday.  The people in the townhouses are lucky to have their dwellings intact.  I took a bunch of pictures of the damage (plus I few others):

Burned out section of the bike trail

Burned out section of the bike trail

Burned out section of the bike trail

Arrowhead Park

Enjoying the crisp Easter morning air

Snowball the Cat

Faithful readers will recall that I found the missing cat on the bike trail last week.  After reporting to the owners the whereabouts of the cat, I was left wondering if the owners had successfully found it.  I am happy to report he is safely home.  I saw him hanging around his driveway.  I was surprised though that the owners didn't put a collar on him or keep him inside.  I have a sneaking suspicion our paths will cross again due to his very inquisitive nature.

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