Thursday, May 1, 2014

Quick West Wendover Trip for 4/30/2014

This past Sunday I decided to head out to West Wendover.  My plan was pretty simple:  wake up early, book a Sunday night room, drive out, get a buffet, gamble for a few hours and enjoy the 5x comps, go for a run in the desert, sit in the jacuzzi for a bit, eat another buffet, gamble (if I had any money left), crash and then drive to work Monday morning from the hotel.

I told Shari that was the plan and if she wanted to come she could.  I don't think she believed me until she saw me throwing a bag together Sunday morning just before 8AM.  Groggily she asked, "You are seriously going?"

"Yup -- if you can be ready in 20 minutes you are welcome to go too".

She hastily got ready and while she was getting ready I gassed up the car and got money from the bank for her bankroll and we headed out by 9:30.

We made it there just after 11AM and hit up the buffet.  I had a free pass for a meal, so we took advantage of that and I inhaled my usual 3 plates, plus one fruit plate, plus a dessert.

We gambled at a bit at Montego Bay.  I got a bit of play on a WMS Spartacus machine and Shari donated a $20 to their cause.  Neither of us were getting much action though and while they had upgraded a few of their machines, they were all in use.

We headed over to the Peppermill and both of our luck continued to not be good.  I tried a variety of machines and got some play but certainly nothing to write home about.

Finally, we headed over to the Rainbow.  Normally my luck stinks here, but I Shari talked me into playing one of those new fangled slot machines with the torqued / concave screen.  When we sat down, the guy next to us told us the machines had been "hot" all day.

Suffice to say I had my doubts.

Sure enough a few spins in the machine rumbles a bit and I get what appears to be a free spin.  It goes through its motions and I thought I needed three symbols to get a bonus round.  Instead I got 2.

"Figures," I thought.

Then all of the sudden it started paying me money.  I guess I had hit a jackpot of sorts.  It was at $124 and my .38 cent bet paid off.  I still don't know how I got it, but I wasn't complaining.

Suddenly I was back to even again.

Shari had several mini hits, including a 30 free spin on her now favorite machine Black Orchid (video of her free spins).

We had a room and I wanted to spend the night, but Shari needed to get up for work.  I did get in some jacuzzi time but the run I had to forego.  Shari watched her TV show and we debated on using our comps for a free dinner buffet, but the 100 minute drive detoured us.  Sadly we never got to really use our room.

The drive home was relatively peaceful with the exception of some really heavy rains just outside of Grantsville.

Overall this was a good trip.  Shari came home with a few extra bucks and I came back down a few.  We got some free play, enough comps for a free buffet (and then some) and got away for an afternoon.

Me posing with my big win

Plate #1

A little dessert

Somehow this result paid in $124

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