Sunday, May 25, 2014

Running Updates plus one week until the Casper Marathon

My taper continues to be going fairly well.  I've managed to reduce my mileage without feeling too nervous and I had a solid training run on Saturday (10 miles at just about half marathon pace, about 1:27).  This is probably too much and too fast but this week is going to be extremely light in training and I was feeling pretty good.

The plan is for next Saturday for me to head out early to Casper Wyoming and run their marathon on Sunday.  I picked this race because I ran into some people on the bike trail that said it was a good, small town event and I would like to take Wyoming off my states list (WI, MI, NV, IA, UT, ID have been claimed).  I haven't been to Casper before and have driven through Wyoming twice -- first when I moved out here to Utah and the next time when I moved all my belongings from Illinois to Utah.  Sadly, I-80 is pretty desolate and boring so I am hoping that the detour I take through Casper will change my opinion.

I don't have a goal time for the race but I suspect I'll come in just above 4 hours.  I'll be at higher altitude (about 5700) and there is no way to guess what the wind and the temperature is going to be like.  I have my hotel booked and a list of things I want to do and see both before and after the race.  I aim to be back home Monday evening. On the list of things to do: Casper Mountain, Independence Rock, some museums, and Alcova Reservoir.  I am looking forward to seeing and doing something new, although I could do without the long drive (about 6 hours each way).  So I need to assemble my Cds and a friend of a mine from Tech Armor send me a car phone charger, so I can fire up Tune-In and listen to whatever I want as well with that.

Once I return from that race and assuming I am in one piece, I am looking at doing the Lamoille Canyon Half Marathon.  I had a fabulous trip back there last September and I am told the flowers will be out in force at that time.  The race date for that one is at the end of June.

I am also looking at doing the Wendover 5K on the 4th Of July.  Last year I discovered this race by accident and hadn't prepared for it (so I didn't do it).  I have a free hotel room for the 3rd, so I figured why not.  I think the race is on their bike trail, which is a tough course.  I've tried to run fast on it, but the altitude, dryness, sand and rolling hills make it a beast.  I suspect it will be a low key event, but anytime I can tie Wendover, a race, a buffet (or two or three), Nevada and gambling into a trip I am IN!

Next Wendover trip is the weekend of June 14th.  I have Beach Boys tickets (it's sold out too) and we may hit up either Jackpot, NV or Elko.

My last long run stats: 3 hours 15 minutes, 20 miles, 9:46 avg pace

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