Sunday, May 25, 2014

More Little Cottonwood Hiking

No major hiking this weekend, however with the weather absolutely perfect, I re-hit up my new favorite hike -- the Little Cottonwood Canyon hike.

I was able to go a bit further this weekend.  The once flooded path had dried up and I was able to probably go another half mile up the canyon before it started to get wet again.  Given the fact I was wearing my good running shoes and I didn't want to over exert myself being that next weekend is marathon day, I decided to pass on going any further up the canyon.  I don't want to fatigue my legs any more than I have to.

Either way it was an absolutely perfect day for a lower canyon hike.  Painfully sunny and with temperatures in the low 70's; it was just ideal.

I hiked probably 2 miles, which was easy, being that this trail is a low grade climb, and wound up camping out for a bit and sat on a boulder and stuck my feet in a tiny tributary stream.  My Achilles tendons have been a little upset with me from time to time and the bone chilling water was just what they were clamoring for.  After the initial shock, they numbed up just great and I wound up having absolutely no further problems with them on the hike. Now I know why the elite runners sit in ice cold streams and baths after tough runs.

I did snap some more pictures.  Some of it is new territory, others are repeats.  It seemed like there was a lot more water coming down.  We had some rain early in the week combined with the rising temperatures, means that the snow pack at the top of the mountain is making its way downward.

There were plenty of people on the trail: from hikers, bikers and runners and I further enhanced my tan.

Enjoy the photos:

View from where I soaked my Achilles

View down from where I soaked my Achilles

View up from where I soaked my Achilles

Don't fall!

There are some giant boulders along the trail -- fallen from this peak, perhaps 1000s of years ago.

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