Sunday, January 29, 2017

This Week in Running 1/22 - 1/28

Picture from Saturday's Long Run

DayMileage / WorkoutComments
Sunday17Finally some decent running weather for a long run
Monday5Medium effort
Tuesday7Easy run. Icy in spots, so hard to get any consistentancy
Wednesday4Icy trail. Not good running conditions
Thursday10Half marathon paced run. Very good run
Friday4Nothing but easy
Saturday18.5Another long run - 9:30 pace. Cold but nice weather to run in.
Total miles for the week: 65.5; YTD: 167.25

Week's Summary

Wow, I racked up the mileage this week.  However, that comes with the fact that I technically did 2 long runs this week.  I finally had decent enough weather on Sunday to get in a long run.  The bike trail was a mess on Sunday so I opted to run around our neighborhood for about 3 hours.  It was interesting, but my IT band was not happy for the rest of the day.  I forgot how much the roads are cambered and how much I hate dodging church-goers.

It was a decent run and I ran smoothly up until about mile 17-ish.  I think I had run out of hydration at that point and was sort of running on fumes.

I had a fabulous run on Thursday.  I am not sure where it came from.  I felt sluggish at the start but then I turned on the tunes and got pumped for my run.  The trail was pretty clear and I managed to really push the pace.  While it technically wasn't a speed workout, it was a workout.

Picture from Saturday's Long Run

Finally, on Saturday I had very cold (about 16F) weather but the trail was clear.  I wore shorts and a insulated jacket and went out.  I think I got a lot of stares for being out in shorts.  Most people were bundled up with face masks while I was out running with the lightest amount on as I could get away with.

My legs were cold, but I had prepared appropriately and managed to knock out a good run.  Tailwind Nutrition continues to be a great source of carbohydrates and hydration for me.  I only had to use one gel and I felt solid up until about mile 18.  

I was hoping to go about 20 but to be honest, 18 is a real nice number and once I got going, I just didn't want to do 20.

My effort was solid though and I ran about 9:30 splits (excluding bathroom breaks and the occasional take pictures and sip on fluids).

Picture from Saturday's Long Run

Afterwards, I was feeling good and not beat up.  It always amazes me the difference between an 18 and 20 mile run.    However, in the evening I had a massive case of plantar fascitiis and I was having some issues with my right leg.  The PF still hurts as I sit here and type.  It is a chronic injury at this stage but it seemed to hit me hard.

Weight Loss

I weighed in -- after my long run (cheater) -- yesterday at 182.  So yes the number is less than last week's.  However being dehydrated automatically means weighing in significantly less.  So I am calling this as a "no gain / no loss" week.

New Domain Name

Yes, I finally registered  I still have some clean-up work on it, but the new name is definitely MUCH easier to remember than the old one.  Hopefully it leads to a bit more traffic.  While the site has never been 100% about running, the name matches up with my personality and what it mostly is about.

Upcoming Races

I am still looking at a February marathon.  Probably going to be something in Arizona.  However, work wasn't 100% happy at the time frame, so I am still sorting things out.  Hopefully soon I'll have a full update.

02/11: Winter Striders Race Circuit 5K - Ogden UT (Confirmed)
02/25: Winter Striders Race Circuit 10K - Ogden UT (Confirmed)
03/04: Legacy Half Marathon - Bountiful, UT (Confirmed)
03/18: Winter Striders Race Circuit 10 Mile - Ogden UT (Confirmed)
03/18: 6 Tunnels Half Marathon - Boulder City, NV (Confirmed)
04/08: Winter Striders Race Circuit Half Marathon - Huntsville, UT (Confirmed)
04/15: Salt Lake City Marathon - Salt Lake City, UT (Confirmed) (2017)
04/29: Winter Striders Race Circuit 30K - Huntsville, UT (Confirmed)
06/24: Utah Midnight Half Marathon - Provo, UT (Confirmed)
07/07: Utah Midnight (Legacy) Half Marathon - Farmington, UT (Confirmed)
11/12: Las Vegas Marathon - Las Vegas, NV (Confirmed)

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