Sunday, August 28, 2016

Adams Canyon Hike - Layton Utah


This past winter, on my way to the Strider's Winter Race Circuit up at Weber University, I'd always pass by a certain hiking spot and see a ton of cars parked there and wonder, "Gee, what is there?"  

Today, I looked up on Google Maps and discovered the Adam's Canyon Trail was there.  This trail is easily accessible and can be found here.  It is less than 30 minutes from Salt Lake City and was completely easy to find.

The Hike

I parked my car and found the trail head next to the reservoir.  The first half mile or so is a decent climb.  It is also sandy.  The trail is well marked at this point and you just have to grunt through it.  It is also exposed, so expect to be hit by sun.

However, once you reach the top of the switch backs, the major climbing is over.  You'll go through some more exposed area before drifting into the canyon.  Luckily it is a lot cooler in there as the trees provide ample shade.

The trail isn't super well marked, but easy enough to follow if you remember one rule: stay near the creek.  Even if the trail veers off, just keep heading into the canyon and follow the river.

It is a pretty mild hike to the first mini-set of falls.  Don't be fooled -- the major falls are about another 15 minutes past the initial set of them.  Still, it was nice to take a break and watch the water trickle down the canyon.

You'll have to do some scrambling for the last 15 minutes.  The trail again isn't well marked, and some ways are harder than others.  But with some faith, you'll reach the final falls.  

The trail pretty much ends at the falls (about 2 miles from the parking lot), but I did see some people scramble up a makeshift trail to the left of the falls.  Beyond there, I think the trail continues but making that climb would be risky and isn't for the faint of heart.  

The trail is busy and largely family-friendly.  There are some sketchy parts of the trail and an accident can easily turn "bad".  There were several spots where a misstep could lead to a fall.  I have heard of accidents happening there so take your time on the technical spots.

Finally, be sure to bring hiking shoes or shoes you don't mind getting wet.  Granted, you probably could get by without getting wet, but for optimal photo shoots it was necessary for me to wade in the water.

Enjoy the photos!

With just a bit of effort you can get a view like this.

The trail head is near this reservoir

Heading into the canyon

First set of falls

The payoff at the end -- Adams Canyon Falls

Part of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

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