Sunday, August 28, 2016

This Week in Running 8/21 - 8/27

DayMileage / WorkoutComments
Sunday57K Race at La Caille Restaurant
Monday1110 Miles at a very good pace. Surprised by this run
Tuesday7Just an plain old run.
Wednesday8Meant to go for a short run, but actually ran strong and further
Thursday7All easy. Just burning some calories. Kind of tired.
Friday4Just a 4 mile easy run.
Saturday20.5Long run. Went pretty well. 
Total miles for the week: 62.5 YTD: 1513.5

Week's Summary

Section of the Jordan River Bike trail where I do all my runs

I finally did it!  I hit 60 miles for the week with a long run.  And, most importantly, I felt prettygood all week.

After the previous week's races I felt like I wasn't going to be able to accomplish too much.  With the days getting shorter, it means that at night time, it is a little cooler and enables me to get a little further -- and faster.

The week's goal, however, was to get at least 60 miles in.  I have found that if I can have an "overload" week or two a month or so before a marathon of 60+ miles, I have better success at the marathon.  While massive miles don't make you faster, per say, but they do improve endurance and give you the confidence and muscle memory when you cross the 20 mile barrier.

Section of the Jordan River Bike trail where I do all my runs
I haven't decided if I am racing Labor Day weekend, so we shall see what the week holds.  I'd still like one more "overload" week before the Lake Tahoe Marathon.  Hopefully everything comes together.

Upcoming Races

09/03: Midway Swiss Days 10K - Midway UT (Confirmed)
09/10: Race to the Angel Half Marathon - Wells, NV (Probable but leaning towards doubtful)
09/17: Take it to the Lake Half Marathon -  Ely, NV (Probable but leaning to very probable)
10/09: Lake Tahoe Marathon Lake Tahoe CA / NV (Confirmed)
11/13: Las Vegas Marathon - Las Vegas, NV (Confirmed)
04/15: Salt Lake City Marathon - Salt Lake City, UT (Confirmed) (2017)

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