Friday, February 28, 2014

Aragonite Rest Stop - East Grassy Mountain Along I-80

We usually have smooth sailing all the way home, but we had to make a quick pit stop along I-80. The Aragonite exit is about half way between Wendover and Salt Lake City and is mostly noted for being a major hang-out for the Utah Highway Patrol, as well as a nice rest stop.  There are no services there and the only thing that exists out there is what appears to be an oil refinery.

Shari had to use the restroom there and I've always wanted to get out and quickly explore as the rest stop that sits on top of a mountain.  It is sort of the gateway to the the salt flats and the views up there are expansive.

While Shari took care of business I quickly climbed a well-defined walking path to a peak and snapped a few pictures.  It was super windy up there and it looks like the trail also serves as a horse trail, so I suspect it could go quite a ways.  My time was pretty limited and I simply took pictures and ran back down to the rest stop.

I figured I'd share the pictures.

The trail continues. Looking north east.

Highway 80 down below.

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