Wednesday, February 5, 2014

No more hotel Living!

Well, we finally got permission to move this past weekend.  And boy were we ready.  After two months of living in close quarters we got the go-ahead to move into the new house.

We've been in since Monday and I couldn't be more excited to catch a break from the hotel living.  In short, it wasn't too bad in the hotel: I really enjoyed the breakfast and despite the high price of the hotel, it was my only bill each month (aside from food).  I really liked jumping out of the room in the morning and having my standard breakfast: a cup of joe, a blueberry muffin, a yogurt and a giant waffle.  Sometimes I'd have the eggs but they generally were to be tolerated rather than enjoyed.

Hotel living certainly gets old.  There is no privacy.  In fact, if I wanted privacy I had to go to the lobby to read a book.  Also, I am an early riser and I am notorious for making a ton of noise in the mornings.  Sadly this didn't go over with Austin who was trying to sleep in the main room.  There was just a lot of fighting and grousing in general.

Either way, we did clear out, got the movers in place and about 2.5 hours later had all of the stuff out of storage and into the new house.

Unfortunately both the builder and us were a little hasty in making the move.  Technically, the city hasn't signed off on the house.  There was one guy who was supposed to rubber stamp the deal on Friday (we had a bunch of other guys inspect it already) but this guy wanted to see it for himself on Monday, found something to complain about and now we are still stuck in limbo.  At least we are living rent free so to speak...

I am taking pictures of the house as we fill it out so stay tuned.  I love being close to the bike trail and my commute is a bit longer, by a few minutes, but nothing major.  We are still finding our way around and finding where to shop for groceries.  It seems like we are on the outskirts of older part of town, so modern shopping seems to be limited.

Enjoy the photos.

Wyndham Suites Coming home from work

Front entrance to the house

Round 1 of my breakfast

Always have to get the waffle in!

Finally some tasteless jello-like eggs

My well worn key -- after about 2 months

Clearing out the storage locker

Angel's hiding spot at the hotel

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