Friday, July 13, 2018

This Week in Running 6/25 - 7/12 - Back In Utah

Miles to Date: 1010.75


Things were a little rough in Arizona of late.  The temperatures kept climbing and my running seemed to suffer.

My plan was to get up at 5 AM most mornings, run 4 - 7 miles and get it done.  For a while this worked.  Temperatures were in the lower 80's and by the time it hit 5:30 AM, the sun was blazing.  Most mornings I could tolerate but by the end I was pretty dehydrated.

Once July hit there was another level of hot.  At 5 AM I found it in the low 90's and 4 miles suddenly became challenging.

To compound matters, I just found myself kind of bored.  After my run or race on the weekends, I'd find myself updating my blog, taking a nap, and then going to a restaurant and eating way too much food.  Then I'd come home, watch some more TV, nap or sit by the pool.  I was 100% bored.  It wasn't fun going outside and I wasn't willing to drive 2 - 3 hours one way each weekend to seek out cooler temperatures.

In short, Phoenix wasn't a good fit for me.

Finally, I don't think the new job fulfilling my dreams either, but that's another story.

So after some soul searching, I opted to return to Salt Lake City.  I hadn't sold my house (or even listed it here) and I was renting a room from my brother, so I had very little reason NOT to return to SLC.  Some of my best years were here and I felt like I had traded down instead of up.

So I made a phone call or two and managed to return to my old job and my house.  In writing this, I have been here only a few days and I feel a huge sense of relief.  I have my old bike trail as well, which I love.


I am a little behind in terms of overall mileage as to I'd like to be.  One of my goals was to hit about 2000 miles for the year.  I came in about 10 days shy.  I haven't ramped up for any mega races (marathons) but I have been running fairly consistently.  I haven't been able to get the mileage in that I'd liked to have had either in Arizona due to the heat.

On the plus side, though, I have been focusing on shorter races.  The start of the year found me doing a ton of half marathons -- in the middle of summer -- I have been focusing on 5Ks.  This has translated into focusing more on speed than endurance.  Unfortunately, even getting in a 7 mile run since returning has been challenging.  I've lost a bit of my endurance.  So I'll be focusing on building that back up.


One of the first thing I did upon returning is to visit Little Cottonwood Canyon to see the wildflowers.  I had been thinking of this canyon ever since July had rolled around.  Usually around this time of year the wild flowers are in full bloom.  

With time in between jobs, I opted to do a my 5 mile jaunt.  It was quite a workout at that altitude, but the altitude didn't bother me as much as I thought it would.

I got some fantastic pictures and I was so thrilled to be back home.

Upcoming Races

07/14: Farmington Festival 10K - Farmington, UT (Confirmed)
07/21: Arizona Sunrise Race Series 5K #5 - Phoenix Area, AZ (Confirmed)
07/21: Handcart Day's Races 5K - Bountiful, UT (Confirmed)
08/04: Arizona Sunrise Race Series 5K #6 - Phoenix Area, AZ (Confirmed)
08/18: Arizona Sunrise Race Series 5K #7 - Phoenix Area, AZ (Confirmed)
11/11: 2018 Las Vegas Marathon - Las Vegas, NV (Confirmed)

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