Sunday, May 21, 2017

Valley of Fire State Park - Overton, Nevada


In 2014, I visited the Valley of Fire, a Nevada State Park located about 30 minutes north of Las Vegas.  Since visiting, I've wanted to return.  There were a few areas that I had missed or hadn't had time to explore.

This time, while traveling from Las Vegas to Mesquite, I had some extra time as to take in the areas.

Valley of Fire, is located about 20 minutes off of I-15.  There is an exit that is clearly identified next to a Chevron gas station.  You basically take the road east and pay your $10 at the gate and you are in.  Keep in mind, there are no gas stations nearby and water sources appear to be somewhat limited.  Keep in mind there isn't a lot of shelter or shade here, so if the temperature is hot you will suffer.  The best time to visit is fall through spring.

This trip I wound up seeing some of the petrified logs, some petroglphys and re-hiked Mouse's Tank Trail. 

I wound up spending a few hours here and even though it was a Tuesday, there were a fair amount of people here.  This is definitely worth the stop and it has so many enjoyable and unique things to see.  Who would've guessed this exists just a short distance from Lake Mead and the I-15 freeway?

Parking lot of the Beehives

The "Beehives"

The "Beehives"

Climbing some of the rocks at the"Beehives"

Petrified logs

Petrified logs

Atatl Rock

The "Arch"

Mouse Tank Trail Petroglyph

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