Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Packed and Set to Go!

Day Mileage / Workout Comments
Sunday 4 Easy. Did walk another 6 later in the day.
Monday 5 Felt drained today
Tuesday 4 Medium pace. 55 degrees out!
Wednesday 3 Too short. Why bother, but I got some exercise in.
Thursday Off Off
Friday Off Off
Saturday 26.25 Arizona Marathon?
Total miles for the week: 41.25 - YTD: 215

Ready for Marathon #15

Gels, check. Garmin, check. Vaseline: check.  Clothes for any condition: check.  Breakfast food for the morning of: check.  Looks like I am all set!

Problem is the weather forecast.  Who would've guessed that it actually will likely rain on Saturday?  I am not registered for the race and I'll pay for the day of, assuming that it isn't a downpour.  The current prediction is light rain, which I can tolerate, but if it is bad?  I am out.

Also Shari has had a cold for the past week and I am hoping I don't get it.  If suddenly I wake up Friday morning with a scratchy throat: I am out!

I want to do the race and will look at every possibility to do, but I do have a bit of cushion here.  If it isn't in the cards, it isn't in the cards.  But I definitely want to knock Arizona off my state's list.  So if all systems are go on Saturday morning, I'll be off and running.  So think positive thoughts for me.


As some of you know, I love all things Nevada and often times spend my time reading the Nevada newspapers.  I don't care how small the town is, I'll read your newspaper just to catch up on local politics and such.  

Of late, the Elko Daily has had a contest where they take a picture of a letter of the alphabet on a sign somewhere in town and invite readers to identify where it was taken.  So far, I am batting about 50%.  I've been to Elko twice, so I kind of know my way around and with the help of Google Maps and even my blog I've managed to get many of the signs. 

Either way, I've always sent my submissions in and if you are one of the first to guess the sign you get your name printed in the paper the follow day. 

I am happy to report I've gotten my name printed for both "N" and "H" (you may have to complete a small survey "ad" to see my name).

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