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Donut Falls 07-28-2013

Shari and I found a hike that was short enough and easy enough for her to complete and that was Donut Falls, located about 12 miles from the apartment.  It is basically a 9 mile drive from the base of the canyon and you hang a right once you get to Trail Head D.  You travel down a paved road for about 3/4ths of a mile before it turns to dirt.  If you are lucky, you'll find a parking spot (we were), otherwise you have to drive back to the main road and walk the 1 mile to the trail head.

The trail is well marked and fairly easy.  It is root-filled with some jagged rocks, but I felt you could easily run it as well.  There were a few sections were it wasn't 100% clear where to go but the path is well traveled and there were plenty of people to ask.

It was about a half mile walk to the falls -- and it felt longer than .5 miles.  When we got there it was filled with people -- so if you are looking for a quiet area to relax you probably won't find it here.

You can climb the falls to actually see the hole where the water goes through the rocks into a grotto before trickling down the side of the cliff.  At first I didn't want to do it on account that it is simply pretty dangerous.  One false step and you are going down and it is going to hurt.  Also there is no cell phone connection so if you did fall, someone would have to go back to the main road just to make a cell phone call to get help... not a good situation.

However, being an intrepid blogger that I am (and also seeing a bunch of adults and kids scrambling up the rocks) I decided to brave it.  Going up was a LOT easier than going down and you really have to forgo keeping your shoes dry...

Either way this was a great, short hike...

Enjoy the photos:

Start of the trail

Part of the trail

The Falls

People climbing the falls

The grotto where the water goes

The hole at the top where the water flows through

View from the top

View from the top

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