Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lake Blanche Hike 07/13/2013

A friend of mine suggested that we tackle Lake Blanche, a serious hike that starts about 15 minutes from my apartment.  We started off at about 8AM avoiding most of the summer heat, despite a threat of rain.  We had talked about bailing on the hike on account of the potentially bad weather, but I am glad we didn't.  For mid-July weather, we were treated to reasonable temperatures.

The hike to Lake Blanche -- and it's two sister lakes: Lake Florence and Lake Lillian is a steady climb. From the best I can tell, the hike starts at about 6000 feet and climbs to 8900.  There isn't much cell phone connection up there either -- if you stood on a peak you were lucky to get a single bar

The trail was well marked, consisting of single track trail.  The first two miles of the 3 mile hike is a very steady ascent and if you aren't in shape, you will pay for it.  Be prepared and have plenty of water and while the trail seems to be safe, there are a few places were you will be scrambling over rocks.

For the first mile you also will hug a roaring spring brook.  While not always visible, you can certainly hear it through the trees.

The final mile involves a lot of scrambling over rocks, but once again the trail is extremely well defined.  The roughly 3 mile hike to the lake took us close to 90 minutes.  We took lots of breaks and the increasing altitude will take a toll on you.

Once you arrive at the lake, you will be treated to a meadow full of yellow, purple and white flowers.  The lake (a pond by midwest standards) is very gentle and well worth the trip.  While less impressive, the two sister lakes are a quick 5 minute hike.  I also went for a quick hike and spied the falls that feed the lake (after crossing a meadow of yellow wild flowers).

Once again, this hike isn't for the faint of heart.  It is 6 miles long (round trip) and felt like a 5 mile walk each way.  When I was done, I felt like I had run at least 14 miles -- a serious workout.  I did see some runners on the trail, but I didn't think the trail was suitable for safe running...

Enjoy the photos:

Lake Blanche Trail, Brighton Utah
Up you go....

Lake Blanche Trail, Brighton Utah
the brook beside the trail

A grove of birch trees

Lake Blanche Trail, Brighton Utah
Wildflowers along the trail

More wildflowers

Lake Blanche Trail, Brighton Utah

You have to scramble over some of these rocks

Almost there!

Lake Blanche, Brighton Utah
Lake Blanche

Lake Blanche, Brighton Utah

Lake Blanche, Brighton Utah

Lake Blanche, Brighton Utah

The falls behind Lake Blanche

The meadow of flowers behind Lake Blanche

Lake Blanche, Brighton Utah

Yours truly near Lake Blanche

Lake Florence

Going down

the trail head

The falls at the base of the trail

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  1. another set of great pictures! thanks for documenting and sharing your stories!