Sunday, August 4, 2013

The table

As we are building a home it comes to filling it with "stuff".  Before coming to Utah we gave away or sold most of our furniture.  Whatever is left is currently occupying our garage or in our tiny apartment.

Shari has been out looking for new furniture and spied a table at the R.C. Willey outlet store.  It was in their scratch and dent section and from our inspection there didn't seem to be any defects.

It was an $1100 table and Shari had gotten the guy down to $510.

When I first saw it, I said NO WAY.  It was loud and kind of crazy.  We still haven't really seen what the new house is going to look like and this piece could either really make a room -- or take away from it.  It is sort of a one of a kind piece.

I did see the couch that Shari had selected and I could easily see the table going with the couch.

Either way it did take a while for me to settle in with the table but after soliciting a few people at the store, I did finally agree to take it home.

Hopefully it will work out...

The table

Prospective couch

Truck I had to rent to get it home

Safely stored in the apartment

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