Wednesday, July 24, 2013

West Wendover Trip 07-23-2013

With Pioneer Day upon us here in Utah I decided to take 07-24-2013 off and head to Wendover.  I have a floating day off at my new job and decided to take advantage of it.  Montego Bay had a free room for us (and a free buffet and some free play) so Shari and I decided to take advantage of it.

I left work at 4pm and arrived by 6:15.  We got our room, printed out a buffet coupon.  I placed a bet in game #2 of the San Francisco / Reds game (and proceeded to lose).  However, the buffet was good -- especially since one of them was for free.

Shari and I had a run of bad luck though and we never really did particularly well in any of the slot machines.  Shari blew through her allotment in one night and I wasn't having much fun gambling (although the food was yummy).  I gave Shari one last $5 and she proceeded to turn it in $50.

We headed back to Montego Bay after hitting the Peppermill and she needed some Tums.  So she went to the gift store to buy Tums.  When she proceed to pay, she realized that the money was missing.  Our theory is that when we got to Montego Bay (or sometime before that) when she opened her purse that the money fell out.  We never did find it.  It ruined the night for Shari.

I woke up early on Wednesday and went for an 8 mile run.  I decided to climb the mountain / hill just west of town -- risking rattlesnakes to get some awesome shots of the valley / city.  I also sat in the jacuzzi afterwards and relaxed for a while -- so I definitely took advantage of the amenities that Montego Bay had to offer.

On Wednesday we gambled some more, but our luck continued to go south.  We ate breakfast / lunch at the buffet, got some gas and took off.  The trip home was uneventful.

We plan on going back for Clint Black in early September and I am sure we'll make another quick run out there between then and now.

Enjoy the photos:

Everything I ate for the buffet dinner

To the West of West Wendover

The trail I ran on.

Breakfast dessert

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