Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lower Bell Canyon Hike, Sandy Utah

On Sunday morning, we decided to make the hike to Lower Bell Canyon Reservoir in Sandy, Utah.  This trail is located about 5 minutes from our apartment and is a 30 minute, 1/2 mile hike to the reservoir itself.  It is billed as an "easy" family-friendly hike.

When we arrived the area was filled with cars.  We had to park about a 1/4 mile from the trail head.  The trail head itself is surrounded by upscale houses but it quickly ascends and climbs into the mountains (it starts at about 5000 feet).

Shari was a good trooper with the hike despite the heights and the arduous climb. I had run 10 miles in the morning and I was worried it would take a toll on me, but I was fine.  The trail was well marked, easy to follow and in some spots had steps.  It was well maintained and one that I could see easily doing by myself.

After about 30 minutes of climbing we did come to the reservoir.  It is ice cold and actually felt pretty good, but you can only take it a few minutes at a time.  I did get in up to my waist and lasted about 2 minutes.  There were plenty of people up there and while I wanted to go a bit further on the trail, Shari was cooked.  Going down seemed a bit more dangerous than going up, but it certainly took less time.

Enjoy the photos:

The view of the valley from above

The view of the valley from above

reservoir run off at the bottom.

the reservoir

Freezing cold but feeling good!

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