Monday, February 4, 2013

Utah Lake Pictures

On Sunday, Shari and I decided to drive around Lake Utah.  If you load up Google Maps and look for Saratoga Springs, you'll see the northern section of where we started.  This lake is deceptive large.  I started out in Saratoga Springs and saw a nice bedroom community with fairly reasonably priced houses.  Although they are a bit far from the freeway and in my mind, far away from jobs.   We did like what we saw though.  

Either way, I started out with less than a quarter tank of gas.  I got about 5 miles past civilization and I realized there wasn't another gas station to be found in the area, so we drove back to town, filled up and made the trip around the lake.

If you follow the map and look for Redwood Road, we took that south until we got to Route 6 and then we made our way back to the Interstate.  I drove 100 miles from the time I got gas to the time I got back to the apartment.

It was a beautiful drive and very rural.  We also drove through some 1-horse towns that were simply map dots.  The speed limit was also 65mph on some of those back roads.  

We were a bit disappointed there wasn't many good shots of the lake (I have heard it isn't much to see of) but the drive was very pleasant...

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