Thursday, July 24, 2014

West Wendover Trip for 7/23 - 7/24 Pioneer Day Vacation

Enjoying the glow of a buffet!


Each year, on July 24, the state of Utah pretty much has a state holiday -- called Pioneer Day which celebrates the first settlers arrival to the state of Utah in the mid 1800's.  Most of the public services are closed and even some businesses.  For me, it is an optional / floating holiday.

Having a free room, free play and free food burning a hole in my pocket I decided to head out to Wendover again.  After work, we jumped into the car and headed west for a pretty much non-eventful drive to the border.  I was surprised at how hot it was -- my car's temperature gauge showed it was 105 degrees.

We arrived at the Montego Bay casino and jumped into the 2 for one buffet.  I ate pretty well.  After about an hour, we grabbed a room and Shari headed up to watch her tv shows while I goofed around in the casino. I jumped on the Fu Dao Le games and dumped a $20 in, only to hit a bonus round in short order and double my money.  I pulled it out and swiped my card and the kiosk to earn my spin and win award (you basically gamble a small amount of money and you get either some tier points or free play).  I won $10 in free play and along with my $5 just for showing up, I had $15 in free play.

I walked over to the other side of the casino and put my $15 in free play in another Fu Dao Le game and turned it into $75 after a solid bonus run.  I played a few more times in hopes of getting the Red Envelope Bonus, but cashed out after making a total profit of about $75.

I went back up to the room and waited for Shari's show to end.  They put us in the north wing of the hotel -- and I thought I'd seen it all, but this is a different wing that you have to sort of jump through a few hoops to get to.  It was certainly quieter but you are closer to the casino.  I'd definitely stay on this side again, especially on the weekends when you have more noisy people in the hallways.

I gathered Shari and we headed back down to the casino.  I wound up gambling some more and my profit disappeared.  We did head over to the Peppermill where I dumped another $25 into the machines before getting discouraged.  There weren't any good comps going on so I wasn't earning anything.  It was approaching 10pm at this point and I hadn't slept well the night before, so we called it a night.

Sweet win

Nice bonus round

View from the room and Highway 80 in the distance


I thought about going for a run, but I woke up late and feeling incredibly lazy.  I wound up lounging in bed and catching up on my sleep.  Around 9am I got up and headed down to the pool where I swam for a bit and sat in the jacuzzi.  What a way to start the day.

Montego Bay Pool

Montego Bay Jacuzzi
Montego Bay View of Northern Wendover

After that I headed back up to the room, showered, and grabbed our stuff and headed to the buffet.  I was totally expecting to use our comps to pay for most of our meal, but as we were standing in line, a guy came up and handed us his 2-for-1 coupon.  Sweet!  

I inhaled a huge amount of food.  They had the spicy shrimp that I just love and wound up eating WAY too much.  I may lose in the casino, but I always win in the buffet.

Buffet plate #1 - I love that shrimp stuff

Buffet Plate #2




After eating, we headed on over to the Rainbow to try our luck there (and to take advantage of the 3x comps).  I jumped on another Fu Dao Le machine and hit the minor jackpot for $130.  This was a stunner but a welcome surprise.  I got it by hitting a wild row, which turned into a mini-bonus round.  You basically pick a series of bubbles until you match a series and you get whatever the jackpot is.  This includes winning up to $9000.  Granted, I wasn't playing at that level, but was shocked to get the mini jackpot.

Mini Jackpot win of $137

Mini Jackpot win of $137

Mini Jackpot win of $137

After the Rainbow we went to the Peppermill.  I wound up doing all right there on the Red Phoenix game.  The Red Envelope bonus was sitting at over $190 and I was itching to win that.  I had seen lots of people win it and figured it was due.  I was playing with house money at this point and I wound up playing at least a solid hour.  I netted an awesome $100 bonus round, but never did get what I was looking for.

Very nice bonus win

Awesome win on Red Phoenix

All told, I left Wendover with about $200 and I came home with a hair over $300.  I paid with cash for breakfast this morning, plus tips and I gave Shari money periodically.  I want to say that I wound up with a gaming win of $150 - $200. 

Shari didn't have any luck whatsoever.  She brought about $50 and blew through that in about 30 minutes.  She also took a lot from me... She was betting heavy on the games that we were playing and at $2.00 a spin, $50 goes very fast.  I was playing everything from 40 cents to 2.00 a spin, so my money wound up lasting a lot longer.

Either way this was a good trip.  We didn't have to use any of our comps either, so we still have about 2 meals coming our way.  

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