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2024 Taylorsville Dayzz 5K Race Recap - Taylorsville, UT

Official Time: 25:27
Placement: 43rd overall, 2nd in 50 - 59 age group
Results: Here
Race WebsiteHere
Weather: 64 degrees, no wind
Garmin Dump: Here
Previous Years: [2023] [2022] [2021] [2019]

Mile TimeComments
18:19Slow start but all things considered not too bad
28:22Felt like I was running through mud. Consistent though
38:20Not sure how I managed this.
3.060:25Fast finish!
Total Miles: 3.06 - 25:28


One of the races I've had circled in red since the spring is this one: the Taylorsville Dayzz 5K. It is a smallish race that is just a few miles down the road and coincides with their city's summer celebration.

The race is fairly typical of a local community run: based at a city park, affordable, and just a nice community vibe.  It is also one of the few races that offers a cash prize if you win your age group (sadly if you don't, there is no consolation prize).  

The course is also flat (for the most part) and fast.  I usually turn in a good time here so when I signed up for this race, I knew I wanted to show up and run my best.

The Race

The race starts early -- 7 AM and it was a quick drive from my house to the Gary Swenson Regional Park.  I was there 45 minutes before the start and I got my bib, t-shirt, and goodie bag in short order.

I wound up doing about a mile warm-up and tossed in some strides as well.  I'll be honest: I'll felt sluggish.  My legs were kind of dead, it felt extremely warm, and I just didn't feel super energized.  Sometimes I feel that way before a race but this felt a little different.

By the time I got to the starting line I didn't feel particularly ready.  I had gotten in a good warm-up but my body just wasn't there to race.  

The race started a bit after 7 AM and off we went. Almost immediately, I felt winded and a part of me wanted to simply drop out.  It felt hot and there wasn't that killer pace.  I had surveyed the starting line and saw 2 people around me that were potentially in the 50 to 59 age division, so I did my best to keep them in my sites and monitor their progress.

The race starts on the walking trail of the park and the first mile is entirely in the park.  It is a bit of a clustered start but fortunately the race is chip timed and runners are encouraged to start in an appropriate spot.  

There were a lot of different abilities at the race and the lead pack got out to a fast start.  I was huffing and puffing with the two other runners that appeared to be in my age group.  I had plenty of room to run and memories of the past times I've run this race came back into my memories.  

Along the service road

The course has a few tiny hills in them, but for the most part this is about as flat as it gets for a 5K.  I was working hard and I didn't get obsessed with my pace -- I did know it felt slower than usual -- and harder.

I wound up passing one of the runners who appeared to be in my age group and the other one -- well I lost sight of him.  Hopefully I had overestimated his age.  I was working with a few female runners my age as well as some late teens / early twenty aged runners.  My pace was holding steady and it felt hard.

After a series of turns through the park, I finally had to do a lap around the perimeter of the baseball diamond -- and my watch rang up 8:19.  I had a hunch that that was where I was at, but it was disappointing.  I felt like my pace was going to drop off a cliff and this race was brewing to be a disaster.

One of the things I am working on is mental toughness and not giving up.  8:19 wasn't terrible and if I could hold that pace for the rest of the race (or even better it) I'd still, in my book, be in the range of respectability.

The start of mile 2 has you exit out of the park and onto a very quiet service road.  This is my favorite part -- it is flat, plenty of room to run along, and slightly shaded.  Also you can catch some cheers from the other runners who are still running in the park.

Fairgrounds in the background

Sadly, though, the runner in my (apparent) age group passed me during this period.

My pace hadn't dropped but I didn't have that extra gear to push.  Mile 2 came in at 8:22 -- still holding steady.

Finally, we came into the final segment of the race: a brief interlude into a residential section. 

My favorite stretch of the course.

I was still running with people but we were spread out.  My pace was erratic, sometimes slowing down and sometimes speeding up.  There was a good group to work with - most of whom were half my age.  But we were suffering together.

Finally we came into view of the park and we came in from a service gate.  This section always worries me as we are running on parts of the course that were involved at the start.  And the signage does not correlate to the 2nd half of the run.  Fortunately, the race director has someone change the signs, so there was absolutely no confusion.

Last quarter of a mile was along here.

With about .4 of a mile to go, I simply wanted the race to be over with.  There just wasn't anything left.  My pace was still even but I was gassed. It was also at this point in the race where we were running on a bit of dirt / gravel or grass trail.  I could hear the music at the finish line and the cheers from those lining the finish line.  For a small community event, this one is very spectator friendly.  

I made my move and pushed the pace -- which actually came.  I always find I have just a little bit left at the end.  It didn't really matter though, I wasn't going to catch one and I wasn't safeguarding my position.  Still, I wanted to finish strong.

The finish line!


I finished in 25:27, which, to be honest, is about where I expected to come in.  My 5K times have plummeted recently and while this race was to be my rebound race, I will admit that I had Covid-19 about 10 days ago.  It hasn't destroyed my running like it did in 2022 but I figure it still plays a factor.

The race was timed by RunnerCard which means there are instant results.  Sadly, I found I was in 2nd in my age group.  The guy who took off at the start was clearly in my age group -- the 2nd guy, wasn't.

Naturally I was disappointed.  I had my doubts I was going to take the age group win today but my times haven't been that great since the spring.  This year, instead of a cash award, they did have gift baskets.

I wound up socializing for a bit and grabbed some snacks as well as some free samples of sunflower milk.  It was pretty warm and with a parade starting I wanted to avoid the traffic, so I wound up heading out fairly early.  The snacks included a lot of pre-packaged treats like granola bars, fruit gummies, bananas, and such.  There was also some delicious (but very sweet) lemonade type of beverage as well as water.  The finishers medal was also very nice and heavy - a simple design but worthy of the race.

Shirt + Medal

Overall, I was very happy with my experience.  I had registered early so I managed to snag a shirt (they are limited). They have some of the best shirts and ones I frequently wear.  The race was well organized from start to finish.  I'll definitely come back next year for this one as it is a nice barometer of where my fitness is at (not where I want it to be unfortunately).

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