Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Malan's Peak Hike - Ogden, UT

Look up at Malan's Peak


This past Sunday I was looking for a new hike to do.  I knew that there were several trails in Ogden that I've just started to explore.

So after a few searches, I elected to do Malan's Peak.  This is about a 2.5 mile hike from the 27th Street Trail Head parking lot to the top.  

There isn't a parking lot like 22nd street, but there is plenty of street / residential parking. The area appears safe, with many charming older houses.

There are two trail access points from the street.  To start, I took the one on the left and I just kept heading east.  Eventually there were some signs.  I followed the signs for Taylor Canyon.

About a mile into the hike you'll come across a bridge.  There was a sign there indicating to take a right to follow the trail to go to Malan's Peak:

Hang a right (go south) here.

The first part of the trail is fairly manageable, but things get challenging upon crossing the bridge.  From that point on, it is almost all up for the next 1.5 miles.

Blessedly, it is a bit shaded but I was definitely hurting as I made the ascent.

It took me about an hour to reach the top.  You can see my route here.  At the top you will be treated to some beautiful views of the Ogden Valley, The Great Salt Lake, the islands and Ben Lamond Peak.  The trail continues up but I heard rumors that it did peter out after a bit and became difficult to follow.  I decided to stop at that point.

The trail along the way offers some real nice views of a creek bed. In fact, the initial go reminded me a bit of Adams Canyon.  There was a small "waterfall" of sorts that required a bit of a side jaunt.  You'll see it just after the bridge cross-over.  It looks like a man-made construct enables a flow of water into the creek below.  This was pretty much the only source of water on the trail.

All in all, it took about 2.5 hours to do the trail.  It is definitely worth while for a good workout.

Looking north from Malan's Peak

Looking north from Malan's Peak

Looking west from Malan's Peak

Looking south west from Malan's Peak

Looking south from Malan's Peak

Typical stretch of trail

Mini-waterfall just after the turn off

View of Taylor's Canyon from the parking lot

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