Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jordan River Bike Trail - South Side

Often times, after work, I go to the bike trail to log some miles.  I park in the parking lot at 100th South and make my way towards South Jordan.  This side of the trail (compared to the north side) is a bit more rustic, in the sense you aren't really near civilization for a good portion of the run.  However, after about 1.25 miles you do run behind some nice looking office buildings -- but the majority of the run is done in isolation.

Yesterday, I ran 10 miles and had the opportunity to take some pictures along the way.  I haven't been to this section of the bike trail since the dead of winter and it was good to see other runners and cyclists (and dog walkers) enjoying the brisk afternoon. 

The trail is mostly flat and gets more scenic the further south you go.  It is a great place to do speed work and after running it several times, I know roughly where each of the mile markers are (so no need for a Garmin).

I still prefer the north side, but the south side works in a pinch.  Enjoy the pictures:

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